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February 5, 2018

Last night’s Superbowl halftime gave us a glimpse of Timberlake encouraging a young fan to take a selfie of the two of them while Timberlake continued singing. i'm fairly apathetic about Timberlake, but for that young fan, that moment is unforgettable. If a selfie can...

January 30, 2018

Ever wrestle with something in your soul for so long that you can hardly remember when the struggle began? This fear, guilt, shame, grief, _____ has held captive. You have tried every remedy, every prayer, read books, perhaps even long-shot superstition. Nothing works.


January 24, 2018

Back before electricity, i was a runner, and after a long race, my throat, lips and tongue would be dry and sticky. The remedy was Gatorade, which i drank from an insulated half-gallon jug. When you work outside in the heat and get thirsty, would you ever consider quen...

January 16, 2018

The only difference between you and a pile of dirt is one thing—the breath of God. He makes what He wills from the common. If He can do that with dirt, there is really no way of knowing what Jesus is capable of doing with you as a person!

Jesus promised the first men th...

January 11, 2018

One of my favorite pranks i used to do was to put a rubber band around the sprayer on the sink. When my roommates turned on the faucet, they got sprayed. i thought it was hilarious, but one of my buddies was really perturbed by this. After a few months of pranks, i fin...

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