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How can i possibly make it that long?

December 27, 2017


It was my junior year in high school, and i had received my third traffic ticket. After my initial grounding period, my dad informed me that if I received another, i wouldn’t drive until after graduation! i complained to my friends the next morning, wondering how i could make it through the next 18 months without a ticket. One friend said, “Quit speeding!” Hmmm. Maybe that would work…


Ultimately, if we address the root of the problem, we stop the mess that comes about because of the problem. This is why we see in the Torah that the Lord commanded the burning of the kidneys and the fat surrounding them and under the liver. It was believed the kidneys were the innermost part and seat of the soul, and the fat was a symbol of prosperity (also considered by some the best part to eat). We know now also that kidneys are essential to cleansing the blood (the "life" of the body) and the fat is used to store toxins. Some may think that the Lord was protecting His people from eating harmful food, but He was showing them that they needed to offer the innermost part of the self and all surrounding it to Him in order to know spiritual life.


Too often, we depend upon ourselves to clean out our life, and we hang on to toxic thoughts, hurts, anger, and anxiety deep in our soul. Ask anyone on dialysis how important kidneys are. The Lord wants us to give our innermost part and all the toxic stuff around it to Him. He will cleanse the life and burn up the toxic sin, and we become dependent upon Him for cleansing instead of ourselves. i encourage you to ponder the depths of freedom and joys of praise that will come to you as you let this spiritual truth take hold.

See Exodus 29, Leviticus 3-4, 1 Corinthians 3:10-15

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