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Stop being tough; you need the Sabbath

December 30, 2017


Many years ago, i busted my knee and learned the hard way not to wait until the pain gets bad to start taking pain pills. i tried to be tough, and instead was miserable for days. Lesson learned: start taking pain meds before it gets bad, and stay ahead of it—just like the doc said. There are other areas of life in which we should not get behind either.




One thing we don’t teach often in our churches is the need (and command) of the Sabbath. Our culture praises and demands a strong work ethic that results in success and materialistic reward, and this same culture tells us to look down on those who are not successful. So we push ourselves like crazy and forget Sabbaths, because we respond to the voice of our culture instead of the Lord’s voice. Then the spiritual pain builds up, and we get “behind.”




These devotions i write are for me as much as anyone, and today’s is certainly no exception. The Sabbath is the Lord’s day. He gives it as a gift so that we may know Him in relationship. It is so that we may know and experience His sanctification (the cleansing from guilt, shame, etc. because of Christ on the cross). Obviously, there are many times we don’t think we need the Sabbath, that we can skip it or whatever this week because we are strong enough, smart enough, too busy, or whatever. This principle doesn’t work with pain meds, and it doesn’t work with the Lord either. We all need a day off from the pressures of life, from anxiety, from guilt, shame, grief, whatever. We should quit trying to be tough and take this day.




Cut yourself off from the voice of our culture that says you don’t need the Sabbath. You do, and so do i. God gave it to us to think of Him and all the holiness that is available to us in Christ. Take a day every week—even if you don’t think you need it—and dedicate that 7th day to the Lord. We are not so important that we can do without our Creator, Savior and Lord. Even the Lord took a day off and looked at what He did. Shouldn’t you?




Exodus 31:12-14, Matthew 5:17-18

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