What does "follow Me" mean?

"Follow Me." These two words are impossible-to-imagine-powerful, as they come from the same One who said, "Let there be light," and there was light. Have you considered how awesome a command is this from Jesus? "Oh, but i have tried to follow Him before, it is confusing and His ways and church life and such is just not for me. It doesn’t fit me." Of course not--because it is supposed to be the other way around. "The life that Jesus wants for me does not agree with me." Instead, look at it from the perspective of the Lord--the reality is that our life does not agree with His. It is why He comes and says, "Follow Me." Who is the Author of Life, the Beginning and End of all things? Is it you an

Are you selfish in your service?

There are tons of opportunities to serve the Lord, especially now and in the coming weeks and months. Be careful that you serve the Lord as He leads, not as you desire to serve. We are jars of clay, and such cannot dictate to the Potter what we would like to do. He brought the storm; He knows what He is doing; if we follow His leading, we will see how He is advancing His kingdom. If we don’t, we’re going to get frustrated and burned out, which leads to bad choices. Samson was blessed with supernatural power, but he served the Lord in the manner in which he chose. He didn’t want any help and didn’t work with others. Sure, he performed great feats of strength, but he didn’t accomplish anything

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