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Are you unbecoming toward the Lord or others?

God’s love toward us is always proper and decent. He does not give huge emotional outbursts of love, nor does He withhold it. He never dishonors; it is sin that dishonors us and seeks to deliver us from it. When Jesus exposed the Pharisees’ sin publicly, it was in response to their attempts to tell lies about Him publicly. It was proper to set the record straight so that truth be revealed. He rarely did this kind of thing, because it is usually very inappropriate. Even in our sin, the Lord’s love toward us is always expressed in a proper and honorable manner. Jesus was never improper in His interactions with others.

Thinking of your expression of love to Christ, is it always in this manner? Do you show Him the proper honor of who He is—Creator, Redeemer, King and Friend? Do you believe that your faith deserves Christ’s expressing more love and grace toward you than that of a person who does not believe in Him? If you are an active member of your church, do you believe you deserve greater attention than someone who is less active or is not even a member? Have you answered the Holy Spirit’s convictions as you are tempted with a response like this: “Yes, i know it’s a sin, but i really want to do it/don’t want to do it.”

It is not loving to be inappropriate, dishonoring or unbecoming. Let us always seek to be proper in our love expressed to the Lord and to others.

1 Corinthians 13:5—[love] does not act unbecomingly…

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