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Do you envy the Lord's blessings to others?

A good way to define something is to describe what it is NOT. Christ’s love for you is not envious or self-centered. True, He is a “jealous God”, but that means that He desires your full dedication—not that He stops loving you if you fail to give it. He allows you freedom to live however you wish; He is not overly-possessive or invasive. Even though we may dedicate ourselves to other people or issues or desires, He never stops loving us.

On the flip side, have you been envious of God’s grace being given to others and “skipping” over you? Have you been demanding that the Lord meet your requests, while at the same time expecting God to prove He loves you by giving what you want? And what if He sees better in His infinite wisdom to not do it? Will you turn your back on Him? What needs to change that your love for the Lord is NOT envious? Can you love the Lord without Him answering your expectations? After all, He loves us without meeting His.

1 Corinthians 13:4…love does not envy…

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